Roda was founded in 1990 as a company specialising in the production of top quality outdoor furniture. The company’s success was assured thanks to the passion and the experience, combined with the acute intuition of its founder, Roberto Pompa, one of the first Italians to work on the new Interior Garden concept: an interior garden that withdraws the increasingly transient boundary between indoor and outdoor.

Roda really established itself in Italy and Europe from 1990 to 2000, specialising in teak furniture production distinguished by its quality and excellent design. During this period, it also becomes the Italian distributor of a number of companies in the outdoor furniture sector, such as Fermob, Kettal and Dedon.

The first turnaround came in 2000: Roda decided to target the public directly, with a major advertising campaign, as well as focusing on the trade in its specific sector and indoor furniture retail outlets, which are demonstrating an increasing appreciation of its collections.


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